Family Business

We began trading in 1990 and remain a family business to this day, having grown to become the only large scale insect farm operating in the UK - and one of the largest in the World. We employ over 120 staff and use state of the art facilities for farming, harvesting, drying and milling.


We were one of the first companies in the area to invest in solar panels and we also use a biomass system which provides 95% of heating for the entire site. We have installed air handling units to reclaim heat and help with cooling in the summer. We are committed to recycling materials throughout the business wherever possible.


We produce whole dried crickets (66% protein) and cricket flour (64% protein) which can be used as an ingredient in all manner of foods to increase protein, reduce carbs and add a whole raft of key nutrients to your recipes.

Our minimum order is 2kg of whole dried crickets and 4kg of cricket flour. Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours of being placed. For large orders please call customer services.





Our Crickets

We farm the American house cricket or acheta domesticus, which is not only prolific, but also nutritious and extremely palatable. It is one of the most popular and versatile edible insects in the World.

To find out about other species of crickets and meal worms from Cricket Foods, please get in touch here with details of your requirements or phone 01223 208261.

Food Safety & Hygiene

Our products are fully traceable, batch controlled and subject to regular microbiological testing. We breed our own crickets on site and clean down the cricket rooms after each harvest. Whole crickets are washed before drying. We don’t use antibiotics or any other drugs. Cricket Foods is SALSA accredited.

Please note: crickets contain trace amounts of gluten from the cereal in their feed.


At our farm in Cambridgeshire, the space, lighting, temperature and humidity are all optimised to create the perfect environment for crickets to breed, develop and grow. They are fed a bespoke diet suited to their requirements and after five weeks they are harvested in a humane manner by freezing.


Please get in touch if you have particular bespoke requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. Insect based food is a new & exciting market and we are committed to helping our customers develop innovative new ideas for a sustainable and nutritious future.